captivating books with heart.

Do you long for intriguing books that don’t lose their heart in the action? I write Christian fantasy and sci-fi stories about unlikely heroes daring to change their worlds.

We all long for adventure.

We long to live in a story that matters, to discover new worlds, and to face monsters like a hero.

To see good and evil clash, and good prevail.

To be captivated by stories that take us to the edges of our imaginations.

To journey to fantastic lands that point back to the deepest treasures in our own world.

To escape, to grow, to journey, and to discover.

Friend, welcome to the adventure you’ve been searching for.

However, these books are far too rare. I know the feeling of walking down library aisles and struggling to find stories that aren’t boring, unnecessarily depressing, or cheap. If you’re looking for some great, engaging books, check out my bookshelf.

Let me introduce you to my short story, A Piece of Him.

After losing her brother Ryan to a car crash, Alli gives up on playing piano. It reminds her of Ryan too much–he was the one who first taught her how to play. When Alli’s friends challenge her to enter a piano contest, can she find peace with her brother’s passing and play piano again?

A Piece of Him is published by One Teen Story, a literary fiction magazine. You can find it at their website:

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My name is Karli Roth, and I’m a young writer who is passionate about gripping, heartfelt stories. If you love these kinds of books too, then we have a lot in common!

I grew up on classics like The Chronicles of Narnia, and I haven’t fallen out of love with these types of adventures. (I don’t think that’s possible.)

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