The Hidden Master

Status: Outline

The teenage leader of an outlaw band must unite his country and orchestrate a questionable alliance in order to cast out cruel occupiers.


Status: revision

A girl outlaw must hide her illegal work from her secret police brother while saving him from a deadly mission he doesn’t know he’s been groomed for his whole life.


Status: Completed First Draft

Along with his stable boy friends, a mischievous inventor prince must save his kingdom from a princess who is set on marrying him to steal the throne.


Status: Completed First Draft

A stable boy bodyguard must solve a mystery to prove that his charge is not a murderer and to stop tension from escalating into war.

The Import

Status: Completed First Draft

The only boy in a dystopian society with a conscience must save his friend from death at the hands of the Society, while discovering what right and wrong is.

Dreams of Hope

Status: Completed First Draft

A crippled princess must challenge her cruel father for his throne by surviving an ancient test—a night in a deadly swamp.