Thank you for checking out my published writing! You can find a list of my published works and short stories below.

A Piece of Him

Published by One Teen Story

After losing her brother Ryan to a car crash, Alli gives up on playing piano. It reminds her of Ryan too much–he was the one who first taught her how to play. When Alli’s friends challenge her to enter a piano contest, can she find peace with her brother’s passing and play piano again?

A Piece of Him is published by One Teen Story, a literary fiction magazine. You can find it at their website:

4 Steps to Creating a Sinister Villain

Published on pen & ink

Creating a truly sinister villain can be hard, but with the four steps I share in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to creating a terrifying bad guy.

You can find 4 Steps to Creating a Sinister Villain at

Why I’m Thankful to Be Homeschooled

published on homeschool iowa’s blog

I’m grateful for the ways God has blessed my family and I through homeschooling. Read the whole article at