Recruit of Talionis

Do you love dystopian books full of suspense, intrigue, and dynamic characters? If so, I highly recommend Recruit of Talionis by C. J. Milacci! This book is one of my favorites… I absolutely devoured it!

Bria Averton is plagued by guilt after her brother’s death, but she manages to get by in a small town of survivors left from America’s fall. Her life is upended when she is kidnapped and taken to a secret and brutal city called Talionis.

In Talionis, Bria’s captors force her to train as a soldier. They will stop at nothing to change her into who they want, but she is determined to fight with all her strength and somehow escape. But she soon realizes that Talionis has more secrets than she could have guessed, and escape seems impossible. Can she find hope as she struggles to survive in a ruthless city with guilt heavy on her shoulders?

If you are a teen who loves captivating dystopian worlds, engaging characters, and suspenseful plots with twists, turns, and plenty of heart, then you need to read Recruit of Talionis!

You can purchase Recruit of Talionis here, or visit the author’s website.