Cloak of the Light

Do you love captivating Christian books full of action, intrigue, and suspense? If so, I highly recommend Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black!

Ever since Drew’s dad died, his life has been in a cycle of crumbling dreams. But nothing he’s witnessed before matches the alarming discovery he makes after he and his genius physicist friend have a lab accident. When Drew and his friend attempt to look through a breakthrough invention that can accelerate light, the machine overheats and explodes. But not before Drew sees a strange black man rushing toward his friend with a sword.

The accident forever changes Drew’s life. It has allowed him to see a world of light and dark people moving in a realm of accelerated light. No one else can see these people, but Drew knows that they are wreaking havoc on the world and battling in deadly duels. Worst of all, they are after the lives of him and his friend, who has gone missing.

Can Drew discover who the invaders are and find his friend before it’s too late?

In a dramatic, thrilling tale, Chuck Black illuminates a world of spiritual warfare that is closer than we may realize. I recommend this book for teen readers who love thrilling books built on solid truth!

You can purchase Cloak of the Light here, or visit the author’s website.