Do you love adventurous, heartfelt books? If so, you’ll love Dust by Kara Swanson, an absorbing Peter Pan retelling.

Neverland is crumbling. Peter Pan is growing up. And Clara, a girl with strange, magical dust dripping from her fingers, is on a mission to find her brother, who was kidnapped by Peter Pan.

When Captain Hook and his henchmen hunt Peter and Clara, Clara finds that saving her brother will take more than she could have imagined. She must heal Neverland and somehow discover who she can trust. But can she learn to see the light in and around her?

Dust is the first book in the Heirs of Neverland duology by Kara Swanson. I loved both books!!! If you enjoy standout characters, tales of finding hope in darkness, and fresh twists on old fables, then I think you’d love Dust!

You can purchase Dust here, or visit the author’s website.